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Foamboard Spitfire Build

AREA17 Foam-board Spitfire (Night Flyer Addition) Based on The FliteTest Spitfire Find us on Facebook    AREA17 CoG on Wing Spar line (65mm from leading edge) Tools Required * Sharp Blade               * Clear tape * Ball Point Pen            * Optional 10mm x 0.5mm carbon blade * Hot Glue Gun            * Icy pole sticks * Set Square Hardware Required to Finish * Motor Brushless 2826 to a 2836 around 1300/1500kv 8x6 prop (looking for 180-220 watts) * 1500-2200 mah 3s lipo min 40c Not suitable for 4s..... * 30-40 amp ESC * 3 Mini servos 1.6kg to about 2.6kg or 4 with an optional rudder eg HXT900/ EMAX ES08A * 4 Extension leads * TX and min 4 Ch RX * Velcro for battery * Control linkages and horns * Paper ribbon attached to fin for combat ** Optional carbon blade spar reinforcement (10mm x 0.5mm) Parts Supplied * Three  Laser-Cut Foam Board Sheets     (Depending on supply can be the brown or white Flite Test foam b