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Slope TRACER Build

Slope Tracer Build Documentation  By AREA17 This article has instructions both for the Slope Tracer and the Foam-board Spitfire. Slope Tracer Build The Slope Tracer is a great fun aerobatic slope plane. It can fly is a large range of wind conditions and with its EPP fuselage, it can take the rough and tumble. Wingspan: 1300mm Weight: 700-900 grams Wing Loading: 11-14 oz/sqft  32-41 sq/dm Airfoil: SD6060 mod tip 3 channel two ailerons and one Elevator (no rudder) EPP Fuselage Foam core balsa skin wings Slope Soarer for Intermediate/Advanced  RC Pilots  Suitable for light to strong winds (10knt-30knts) Ballast can be adjusted CoG 64mm from leading-edge Supplied Tracer Parts EPP CNC Fuselage One Set White Foam Wing Cores One set of Core Flute Tail and Fin Canopy Needed: *1.5mm Balsa Sheeting for wing  2x (1220x150x1.5) * Balsa Aileron Stock  * Balsa Leading Edge stock * 3mmx1mmx750mm carbon strip for fuselage *  Titebo