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Building the AREA17 Ridge Runner

New Ridge Runner Kit on the way.......................... Absolutely! Updating the classic 72" Ridge Runner II designed by Dave Katagiri in the 1970's to take advantage of CAD and laser cutting is a fantastic way to enhance the building process. The precision and efficiency offered by laser-cut parts can greatly simplify the construction of the model, making it a faster and more hassle-free build compared to traditional methods. The combination of crisp control authority, aerobatic capabilities, and the nostalgic appeal of the Ridge Runner makes it an attractive choice for pattern flyers. It provides a great balance between performance and versatility, allowing pilots to enjoy both speed and aerobatic's on the slope. The inclusion of computer-generated parts in the laser kit further enhances the overall experience, ensuring that the components fit/click together seamlessly and accurately. This not only saves time during the building process but also ensures a higher le

Building the AREA17 Bird of Time Kit

 AREA17  Bird of Time Kit  About this BOT: This laser cut version of the Bird of Time was developed by AREA17 Although the wing planform closely adheres to the original Bird of Time design, slight adjustments have been made to facilitate the introduction of a brushless motor and battery. Notably, the fuselage has been extended by approximately 4 inches. Where possible we have made the kit click to together. It can be built without a paper plan. The all up weight of this kit with a brushless and battery ready to fly is typically lighter than the  original   non motor build. The original had a wing loading of 10 oz sqft this version was only 6.5 oz sqft. Wingspan:   118″ (3000mm) Length:   53″ (1340mm) Wing Area:   1090 sq in 70.3 sq dm)  Flying weight: 1.4 kg COG: 100mm from leading edge Wing Loading:   6.5oz/sq ft (19.7g/sq dm) The laser kit includes: Fuselage Formers Fuselage 4 mm Balsa Sides, Bottom and Top Fuselage 3 mm servo tray Balsa and ply wing ribs 3mm Ply Wing Spars Leading E